Guadalajara, Mexico trip
21 - 25, November 2007
My Guadalajara trip went great. I enjoyed every bit of the culture, food and the Tequila during the trip. Check out the pictures I have shot in the photo gallery. The people were friendly and I also go to meet a lot of travelers during my 4 day stay in the city. This trip also forced me to practice my broken Spanish. I wish I could stay longer in a Latin American country to really brush up on my Spanish.

The most difficult part of this trip was to find a long term parking lot in San Jose. The parking lots were getting filled up very quickly on the day I left for Mexico. I managed to find a spot in the long term parking I normally use, many people were not so lucky. When I got back from Mexico I had to transit at LAX. The baggage claim from Mexicana airlines was delayed by an hour and I almost missed my connecting flight to San Jose. Its funny that things were pretty smooth in Mexico.


iPhone review
17, November 2007
What do I think after using my iPhone for a month ? Here is my review:
After Apple dropped the price by $200 I felt that the 8GB version was reasonably priced given its features and being an apple fan. It was a breeze to setup the phone. I could very easily move my existing number and also sign up for an AT&T account. Within an hour I was all setup and ready to use the phone. The iTunes program is used to setup the phone and at the same time I got my music library sync to iphone. Here are some of the features which really standout in the iPhone -
1) Ease of use - The user interface is a brilliant design, very intuitive.
2) The mail features are easy to setup. You can configure to receive your AOL or Gmail on the iPhone.
3) The 2M pixel camera works great and the pictures get downloaded to iPhoto when you sync your iPhone.
4) The browser is awesome. You have a fully functional safari browser on the phone.
5) I use the weather feature a lot especially to check weather in multiple cities. This feature work will with slow Edge network.
6) Stocks can be monitored.
7) Cover flow is ipod is definitely impressive.
8) Calender and SMS features work pretty well too.

Who should have iphone ?
1) If you are a heavy iPod user (at work and in the gym)
2) Need emails and Internet on the go
3) An Apple fan
4) If you don't mind the switch to AT&T
5) Have access to WiFi a lot and can live with the slow Edge network

Final conclusion: If you do get it you will not repent a bit.


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