Earth Quake update:
30, October 2007

This was my first earth quake experience. A 5.6 magnitude quake with epicenter at Alum rock (San Jose) hit the bay area at 8.00pm on Oct 30, 2006. I felt the full power of the earth quake in Fremont that night. Everything in my apartment shook when the earth quake hit. It was felt for 20sec but that seem like a long time. Immediately after the quake all my neighbors came out and where worried about the after shocks. We did have more than 30 after shock but none higher than 3.2 magnitude. Most people in the bay are bracing for the big one.


You Tube:
27, October 2007
I always wanted to share my pictures in You Tube. I finally managed to create a movie in iMovie HD using my Apple macbook pro. It was pretty easy to make this movie, just drag and drop all the pictures and add a background music. It just took me less than 30minutes to put together a new movie for You Tube. Her is the link " Uniquely Asia" . Check it out and send me your comments.


Restaurant review:
13, October 2007
I have tasted Indian biryani in India, Singapore and Malaysia. But this is the first place the taste of biryani was very close to the original Andhra biryani in India. The meat was very well cooked and spicies blending well with the food. They also had the curry and yogurt served along with it. I would give 5 star to this place. They are pretty quick for take out. The staff were very friendly.The chicken and lamb versions are equally good. It was reasonably priced at $7.99


Fleet week - San francisco (Oct 4 - 9, 2007)
06, October 2007
This was my first visit to see the fleet week in San Francisco. The aerial display from Blue angles and Team Oracle was awesome. The low fly-past by the F/A-18 hornet over fisherman's wharf was a great sight. They also had F-16's and P-51 Mustang do some fancy maneuvering. Good spot to photography will be near golden gate bridge as these aircraft flew very close to the bridge. Pier 27 and 35 had navy frigates and destroyers docked. I wanted to see USS Vandegrift (Guided missile frigate) and USS Shoup (Guided Missile Destroyer) at Pier 35. The lines were very long and after waiting for an hour I gave up. Overall it was a great aerial display not to be missed. This could be the last fleet week in San Francisco as their is too much opposition from people over high noise levels and safety during the fleet week.


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