Afghanistan - Hidden treasures, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
01, November 2008
Asian art museum in San Francisco along with National Geographic Society features nearly 230 archeological treasures from the region of Afghanistan, dating from approximately 2200 BC to 200 AD. These archeological masterpieces from the National Museum of Afghanistan were long thought to have been lost during the turbulence and war that followed after the Soviet invasion in 1979. They miraculously survived in the vaults inside the presidential palace in Kabul.

The exhibits are from four archeological sites: Bronze age site of Tepe Fullol; Greco Bactrain city of Ai Khanum; Trading settlement of Begram and the tomb site of Tillya Tepe. It is well worth a visit. Admission is $12 and you can actually get your tickets online from the museum website. To get there use the BART to Civil center and the museum is 2 blocks from there.


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