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I have made this home page primarily to document all the major travels I have done so far. I have tried to put in as much detail information as possible so that fellow travelers can gain from my experience.

The following pages are filled with excerpts from the journal I kept as I traveled, as well as some interesting photos I captured from each country. You'll find a collection of loosely structured notes, ideas, observations and opinions gathered at various points in my itinerary. 

My Dream 
To travel the world is a dream many people share but few follow. I didn't want to be one of the latter and knew the longer I waited the more excuses I would find to continue waiting. It's easy to let so many strings attach that we soon find we're stuck in a web we call life; and cutting loose of those strings is never an easy task. Nevertheless, I was determined to follow my heart, even if it leads me into unfamiliar territory.

About me
I live in San Francisco bay area. I work for a technology company in Silicon Valley. I picked up the travel bug when I lived in Singapore, which happens to be a hub for travel in Southeast Asia. I appreciate the food in the region greatly.

I am an avid Photographer. My other interests are Golf, hiking and Tennis.


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London city tour
April 19 - April 30, 2018

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